About Me

I'd much rather write about someone else, but here goes.
I'm a mom to four, a wife to one, a daughter, a sister, and I try to be a friend.
I homeschool, I knit, I write, I enjoy photography.
I am a dismal failure at housekeeping but am trying so hard to do better and teach my kids better.
I'm a conservative christian with liberal political views and a earth-momma crunchy granola parenting style.
I never liked chocolate until my 3rd pregnancy and now can't keep away from the good stuff.
I'm addicted to truth. I think anything less than 100% is dishonoring and causes a loss of credibility.
I realize that life is hard and God is good. His goodness is a fact and isn't dependent upon how we feel about our current circumstances.
I'm all about transparency and honesty and learning from others; hopefully as I share lessons I'm learning, they will be beneficial for you as well.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Please leave a comment and let me know how you found me!