Monday, July 25, 2011

Clearing the Air

As I sit and listen to the final raindrops from this storm, it occurs to me that while one normally wouldn't welcome and even long for a good, loud, thunderstorm, something about days on end of 100+ degree heat can change what you wish for!
The air has been so hot and so thick, oppressive and hazy, that last night when the thunder rolled in, I was hoping we would get some of the storm. It was not to be, thunder, lightening, even wind, but no real storm broke. Today dawned just as hot and hazy as the previous days.
Tonight the storm followed through on it's promise. Thunder, lightening, wind, and finally, rain.
The atmosphere feels lighter already. The oppression is gone. The air is clear.
Not to get into a physical science lesson, but did you know that thunderstorms happen because two masses of air are trying to be in the same place at the same time? They butt heads, block out the sun, make our vision hazy and often give us headaches with their  pressure.
Ever have times in your life like that?  Even butt heads with your spouse or friends or other family members?  When it goes too long, we can't see or think clearly.
Eventually, it all has to go somewhere and we have to face a storm and clear the air.
My suggestion?  do it sooner rather than later.  An empty thunderstorm with lots of noise but no completion is no good for anyone.  Deal with the situation, clear the air, and then rest in the gentle rain of reconciliation.

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