Monday, October 24, 2016

I need you to know...

I have had people question if I should be so vocal in my push-back against the Christians for Trump movement. That perhaps is is a bad example for non-Christians to see the "struggle within the walls."

Believe me, I have thought and prayed about this and have come to the conclusion that yes, I do need to be very vocal about it. It is precisely because I have such a variety of friends, many not Christian, and some not of any religion, that I think I must be so vocal.

It is important for me (not as a matter of pride, but as a matter of defending and clarifying my faith), that you know.

You know I am a Christian, and that even though I follow Christ so imperfectly, that I do try, that I am trying.

I need you to know that first on my allegiance is Christ and his love, not the label of "Christianity" , and if the time comes to follow Him while disengaging from the 78% of white evangelical christian voters who support Trump, then disengage I will.

I need you to know that Christ commands me to love the poor, the stranger, the sick, the hurt , the minority, and the slave, and that I will be judged based on whether I cared for them. I am told that whatever I do for them, I am literally doing for Christ.   Joining forces with one who belittles and abuses them is not part of that.

I need you to know that I believe in bodily autonomy and that Christ's words strongly reprimanding those who would ever hinder the little children, that his defense of women in general and especially those who were the lowest of the social hierarchy, are evidence that sexist, abusive, and misogynistic behavior from anyone is not ok with Him, and should not be acceptable to any who call his name.

I need you to know that Humans Beings are God's special, sacred, creation and that I will support human rights before I will worry about "Christian" rights.

I need you to know that I do not understand or condone the many things that are being done, the excuses that are being made, by those who also claim the name of Christ. I confess to you my bewilderment at their actions, even as I acknowledge that I also fail so many times.

Hello. I am a Christian, my name is Jody. I am the same person you have always known. Quick on the temper but long on loyalty. Always seeking truth, always over-explaining. More interested in your values than your labels.

I just need you to know.

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